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Dynamic Discussions

Listen to Dr. Danielle with other professionals discuss important topics to improve mental health outcomes.

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Topic:  In this one-hour training, Dr. Spearman-Camblard facilitates the exploration of trauma-informed care in doula practice, focusing on racial trauma and reproductive issues in Black Women. Presented by LIVLoved.

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Topic:  The current mental health of Black women and girls.  Tips are provided for how we can heal as a community.  Presented by the Black Women's Roundtable Virginia.

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Topic:  How trauma and other race-based stressors can be passed down through generations via epigenetic markers and provide a biological basis for the propagation of challenges faced by Black and Brown communities.  Solutions are provided.  Presented by Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, the Mount Sinai Office for Diversity, and Inclusion and the Friedman Brain Institute.

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