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Perinatal Therapy for the Prenatal and Postpartum Period

The path to parenthood is never straightforward.

Whether you're planning for an addition to your family, coping with a loss, or trying to stay afloat as a new parent - You Are Not Alone. 

We help treat all kinds of family-building challenges from parenting stress, severe depression and anxiety, birthing trauma or grieving the loss of a child.

Are you neglecting your own needs as a parent?  Is self-care a distant priority?  We help resolve issues with compassion fatigue and perinatal perfectionism.


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Mental Health Is For Everyone

80% of All Women

3 In 5 Women Of Color

10% Of New Fathers

Experience "The Baby Blues" in some form. Symptoms can include anxiety, insomnia, irritability and sadness.

Will suffer from a maternal mental health condition

1 in 10 new fathers experience symptoms of depression and anxiety that interfere with their life at home and at work.

Between 7% - 14%

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder

Of all mothers will develop Postpartum Depression. Many cases go untreated.

Is a real illness that affects 1 in 5 women during pregnancy or after the birth of a child.  

Ready For Lasting Change?

Miscarriage loss and birth trauma are difficult challenges and I’ve experienced both!  I uniquely help my clients restore their resilience, provide support every step of the way, and get them the results that they deserve to thrive in motherhood!”~Dr. Danielle


Are You Ready for Your Transformation?  Here is what you can expect if you choose to work with Dr. Danielle:

  • Deconstruct common thought traps.  You will learn how to deconstruct thought traps that ensnare moms with postpartum depression. 


  • Reduce anxiety when feeling overwhelmed.  Imagine being able to control your racing thoughts and feel more empowered in your new role.  Trouble sleeping at night?  Envision improved sleeping habits so that you can actually sleep when your baby sleeps rather than worrying.


  • Mothering the mother with YOU in mind.  Everyone holds the baby but I hold space for mothers.  As mothers, we often over-sacrifice and I equip you with self-care strategies to decompress from compassion fatigue.  You know that feeling when it’s always somebody else’s needs and your own needs get neglected which leads to mama burnout!  Embracing your season of receiving help is made a priority.  Motherhood is not always joyful and you will be given a safe space to express challenges without judgment.


  • Resolve the perfectionism trap.  Do you feel like you’re failing as a mom?  Do you often think that you’re a hot mess?  Perinatal perfectionism can leave you feeling mentally drained!  You will be equipped with tools to balance work-life expectations.   


  • Alleviate postpartum anger.  Do you feel pissed off all of the time and feel like the littlest things send you into a rage?  Do you often take your anger out on your partner?  Moms who experience postpartum anger often don’t connect this as a symptom of postpartum depression.  You will learn how to proactively address the anger within a perinatal mental health lens so that you can feel more in control and uphold a healthier relationship with your partner. 


  • Heal from birth trauma and miscarriage/stillborn loss.  If you had an ideal pregnancy or birth plan in mind, I’m willing to bet you never planned on the following: 

 “I’m going to have three miscarriages.”

“I’m going to need an emergency C-section when I planned a vaginal hospital/home birth.”

“I ended up with a postpartum hemorrhage and needed a blood transfusion.”

“I’ll conceive after a miscarriage/stillbirth and be overwhelmed with anxiety throughout the pregnancy.”


And so on and so on.  I’m sure you get the picture.  You’ll discover how to navigate and overcome your trauma triggers so that you can preserve your peace and manifest your resilience.  You’ll be able to thrive through subsequent pregnancies and births with confidence!


  • Gain posttraumatic growth.  If your birth experience in the hospital was a nightmare and you felt unheard and dismissed as a BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, Person of Color) mama, then your birth trauma was likely caused by racial trauma.  You are not alone, unfortunately many mothers of color have this experience, and know that racial trauma is real!  Dr. Danielle is a racial trauma expert and you will learn how to alleviate the race-based stress that contributed to your birth trauma.  You will gain empowerment and posttraumatic growth as an outcome from all that you experienced and tools to combat racism within a perinatal mental health lens.  The healing that you'll access in therapy will be purposeful!


  • Infant mental health support.  You overcame years of infertility treatments, only to feel unattached to your baby.  Perhaps you previously lost a baby and now you feel guilty, which is hindering attachment with your new baby.  You will gain insight into how to unlock the guilt and shame and will be provided attachment-based interventions to support you and your infant’s mental health. 


Schedule an initial consultation with us to learn about our approach to treatment and how we can help get you back on track. 

How Can Counseling Help?

Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are very common and often very treatable with Dr. Danielle's approach.  Many new parents are reluctant to reach out for help because of the stigma around dealing with your mental health or feelings of failure.  Adapting to your new life and the transition to parenthood is challenging for everyone.

We are here to let you know that you are not alone.

We can help you develop a new perspective and skills to help you thrive in your new role.


Dr. Danielle Spearman-Camblard (also known as Dr. Danielle) is a licensed clinical psychologist, media contributor in the popular press, consultant to organizations & churches, and international public speaker.  She is PSYPACT-approved to provide telepsychology in multiple states.  She received certification in perinatal mental health (PMH-C) as a perinatal mental health specialist from Postpartum Support International (PSI).   

Dr. Danielle's clinical focus is in helping women who are pregnant, who have a baby to care for, or mothers with large families.  She treats anxiety, depression, birth trauma, perinatal perfectionism, compassion fatigue, miscarriage loss, pregnancy fears after experiencing a loss, and maternal mental health in ethnic and racially minoritized women.  Parent coaching to facilitate parent-infant/young child bonding is also offered.  She received specialized training from the Yale Child Study Center's Family Based Recovery (FBR) program working with the perinatal population of mothers and fathers, in addition to infant and early childhood mental health.  She is also a professional member of Postpartum Support International (PSI) and obtained PSI's certificates in Components of Care and Advanced Psychotherapy to treat perinatal mental health.  

As a mother of four children, Dr. Danielle understands how challenging this period of life can be and the ways in which pregnancy, giving birth, and taking care of a baby can be challenging.  "Mothering the mother" is a goal in how Dr. Danielle utilizes CBT with women in this phase of life.

Dr. Camblard received her Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from the University of Connecticut, graduated Cum Laude as an Honors Scholar. 


She earned her doctorate in clinical psychology (Psy.D.) as a Diversity Fellow at the University of Hartford’s Graduate Institute of Professional Psychology (GIPP).  While receiving clinical training working with adult clients, she also pursued a concentration in childhood and adolescence.  She subsequently completed her internship and post-doctoral fellowship at The Village for Families and Children, Inc., an APA-approved site, in Hartford, CT.

Dr. Camblard has almost 20 years of expertise in the mental health field.  She provides therapy services to adults with a wide range of mental health disorders, in addition to psychological assessments and consultation services.


Her style can be described as holistic compassionate care with a strengths-based approach.  She supports clients in their journey to self-empowerment by highlighting their areas of resiliency through a caring and liberating therapeutic alliance. 

In her free time, she enjoys living her best life with her husband and four children!

About Dr. Danielle

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