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Life has challenging moments and you do not have to suffer in silence.  Connect with our psychologists for the empathic care that you deserve!  Our team is dedicated to helping underserved individuals and families thrive to their fullest potential.  The following psychological services are offered:

Initial Consultation/Intake Session

This 60-minute consultation will give you an opportunity to share why you are seeking services, ask questions, to learn about the practice, and to determine services needed.  Typically information about the client’s history is gathered and assessments are provided.

Initial Diagnostic Evaluation

This 90-minute evaluation will provide a psychodiagnostic profile for the purpose of diagnosing, coordinating services, and treatment planning. 

Individual Psychotherapy

This is a psychotherapy session up to 60 minutes that gives the client individual time with their therapist.

Family Psychotherapy

This is a psychotherapy session up to 60 minutes that addresses family issues.

Psychological Evaluations

Evaluations for racial trauma, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, autism and sensory processing issues may be conducted over a series of appointments.

Learn more about our services and specialties provided by Dr. Danielle and Dr. Kayley.



Offers Telepsychology appointments.

Office hours by appointment only.

We accept private pay and insurance.

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